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BIG WATERMELON SALE. A truckload of SWEET WATERMELONS. Like poor blessed babies in a manger, nakhiga sila sa dayami. Get these today and give it them days to fully ripen, they will be perfect on Christmas Day. Let’s do a BIG WATERMELON SALE. Pay only P299 per piece.

BENDISYON WATERMELONS. This is an agri story that hits very close to home. How close? The farmer is none other than Andie’s brother, Ben. He was the Operations Manager at our call center in Baguio but as COVID shut operations down and we pivoted with WFH, he decided to pivot with something of his own. He did it with farming in the family hometown of Tarlac, with absolutely no knowledge of farming at all. It’s a pun but it’s true—he had to learn farming from the ground up. Quickly finding out that Six Sigma Black Belts and Cisco CCNA/CyberOps knowledge were of absolutely no use in his new field (another pun), he was forced to attend worm school, fertilizer school, anti-pest school and any seminar that would give him knowledge to make a living out of his windy four hectares. These watermelons are his first ever harvest and at the first bite, we have never been prouder of him. We are very happy and a little bit envious that he was able to grow something with his hands on the first try. We opened one up in the field, and Ben who happens to be an almost-priest had to invoke Divine favour in order to make sure they’re perfect. Thus, the Bendisyon part. Buy with much confidence as Andie and I do for the quality and pedigree of this fruit.

WATERMELON GROUP BUY. We are looking for Rural Rising members to buy a large watermelon that would proudly be the centerpiece of your Christmas table. Pay only P299

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