IT’S TIME. DO YOU STILL WANT TO HELP? A month ago we said we are growing to do a Growth Buy for a farmer with no legs. We said that if you are wiling to wait, he will grow them to size for us. We have been so inspired by Nono’s story of grit and determination that we want to ease his worries finding a buyer for his harvest, at least for this crop.  

HELP THIS BRAVE FARMER. Nono Ramirez was 12 years old when his legs got burned in a freak accident. The way it happened was that he was sent out to buy kerosene for the family kerosene lamp (“gasera”). He took the kerosene home in an open container, on his bike, so the liquid splashed all over his pants. When he got home, his mother was in the process of lighting the gasera. Without thinking he took her hand to put it to his forehead and the gasera fell on his kerosene damp legs. Nono says he remembers a “whoosh” as his legs caught fire and then an explosion of flame as the gasera exploded in the same area. By the time his frantic mother and step-father were able to extinguish the flame, he suffered third-degree burns on the lower part of his body. Nono was never able to walk properly again after his burned muscles and tendons healed and contracted, and years later the bones on both legs developed an infection that required an amputation above the knee. Despite all this, Nono was able to marry and that marriage produced three children. He is 50 years old now, he is able to make a living by growing pumpkins and giant watermelons, and has developed a very positive attitude towards life. You can see now why this farmer of all the farmers we have dealt with, inspires us so much. “No one grows it bigger and sweeter than I do.” Nono brags. I almost asked in jest if the reason for that was because he is able to work with them at the plant’s height, that he did not have to kneel like other farmers, but I don’t think that would not be a very good joke anyway. 

We are looking for many Rural Rising members to support this Group Buy to help Nono Ramirez. Below is his latest video of the watermelons. How do you support? Contribute P500 to send a truck to Gabaldon, Nueva Ecija and when it gets back, we shall give you 10 kilos of Nono’s watermelons. Founder Members get 11, even 12 kilos.  

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