WATERMELONS WITH WARRANTY. We have a new batch of Watermlons coming tomorrow. This time with warranty. Pag hindi matamis, palitan namin. Same price P240 for 5 pieces.
Click here http://bit.ly/WatermelonRescueBuy-RRPH then come back here to say “GOT IT!” to show where we are.

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NONE SWEETER THAN THE FRUIT OF HELPING. We would to take the group to Brgy. Arenas in Arayat, Pampanga to help out a group of watermelon farmers there. Their watermelon is a smallish sweet variety called Sweet Gold F1, known for its enjoyably crunchy flesh. Best served chilled, you could crack one of these open and finish it off without help, without you knowing it. Allow us to tell you why we need to help these farmers. Today a buyer they were expecting did not show up and these farmers were in distress for 600 pieces of watermelon. They asked us to help them but we had to beg off because the RuRi Team badly needs the rest. After handling 25+ tons of tomatoes last week, in addition to other Rescue produce and the Canasta Basicas, you can imagine how exhausted our people are. So we have made a promise to the watermelon farmers that we would be there for them for their main harvest. That harvest will be this Friday, about 1,500 pieces. We shall keep our promise. Will you help us keep it by eating more Watermelons this week?

WATERMELON RESCUE BUY. We are looking for Rural Rising members who would be willing to give P240 to send a Rescue Truck to Arayat, Pampanga. For supporting this, your share will be FIVE WATERMELONS. Will you support this?

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