CHUNKY CHEWY QUICKLY. You know why this Chunky Chewy Ube Jam is super special? First they’re made by Andie herself with the help of Mommy Rose and the children in our home in Baguio. You know what happens when you add TLC in generous amounts and fastidiously reduce sugar to 50%, the outcome is the stuff of dreams. The secret is our access to the best and “purplest” ube, the long ones from Benguet and the round ones from Ambaguio, Nueva Vizcaya. Look, this is the ube we are talking about, they actually bleed when scratched like they’re on Dabigatran. Purposely made chunky and chewy, super fun to eat. Spread on hot malunggay pandesal or smear on a thick slice of chilled cheddar cheese for maximum enjoyment. Some members, they do not bother with all of that, they simply spoon it to mouth until the whole bottle is empty. Deliciously sinful and addictive, promise. Nuff said, Grab it or miss it, this go very quickly.

CHUNKY CHEWY UBE JAM — P290 for 1 bottle

CHUNKY CHEWY UBE JAM SNAP BUY. We are happy to offer our dear members just-made UBE JAM. If you give P290, you shall get 300ml bottle

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