TUMBONG PRESO. Our farmers in Brgy. Umiray in Dingalan, Aurora are able to give us tumbong ng niyog or the soft white growth inside a germinated coconut shell. Some English speakers would call them coconut apples or coconut pearls but Tumbong has such a romanti-sexual ring to it so let’s stick to that. Anyway like the farmers of Brgy. Gibanga, Sariaya, Quezon who would part with their labong, these coconut farmers are willing to part with their Tumbong ng Niyog. Once you try Tumbong,

you’ll be a prisoner to it’s taste, you’ll see. 

SO YOU SEE: Here they are. We asked the farmers to split one and show what is inside. When was the last time you had these, if ever? Where in Metro Manila can you find these, if at all?

TUMBONG NG NIYOG SNAP BUY: We are looking for Rural Rising members to support a trip to Dingalan, Aurora for Tumbong ng Niyog with P250 pesos. Your share when the truck gets back, is 5 pieces of Tumbong ng Niyog . This effort helps a family of farmers in Brgy. Umiray, Dingalan, Aurora

Click here https://bit.ly/Tumbong-RRPH come back here to say “GOT IT!” to show where we are.

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