HAIL TO THE KING. We’re coming to you with the troubles of Kingsberry Strawberries who were affected by a hail storm.
Will you take his mixed berries NEXT WEEK? Not this week’s, it will not make you happy to receive them, they’ve practically mush and unmarketable. These damaged berries we shall take to make jam, but please will you take next week’s crop of berries?

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THE SNOWMEN OF MADAYMEN. On the last day before the country went on Lenten holiday, our farmers in Madaymen asked us, twice, if we would take STRAWBERRIES. We should have said “YES”. We asked if they could wait until everyone’s back from the provinces, half of our staff and all of our members. We’re all back to work tomorrow and we can talk about Strawberries now but it will just be that, talk. There will be no Strawberries. Woulda, shoulda, coulda. Over the weekend, HAIL devastated the Strawberry fields of Madaymen. The Strawberries that we should have gotten, they look like this now, damaged so bad as to be unsaleable. How could we have known, how could we have predicted? The hail storm was so bad that the farmers were able to gather enough ice crystals to make snowmen like this. It looks like Christmas but it’s yet another crisis for for our farmers. Dagok, dagok,, pagsasaka’y nakakasukasok.

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