IT’S NOT ICEBERG, IT’S AVALANCHE. So much Iceberg Lettuce has landed here at RuRi House that it’s threatening to overwhelm us. We hired two vans to travel from Kibungan, Benguet. One for lettuce and another for strawberry. When the lettuce farmers saw that the strawberry van was half full they loaded it up with more lettuce. It’s like refugees cramming themselves onto every available space on the last boat out. 900 kilos we did not order! Our first emotions, so early in the morning were these: What?! (Surprise). Take it back, we do not want it! (Anger). How can they stress us so early in the morning. (Indignation). They’ll spoil in our hands. (Fear). They can take us to any court of law and we are well within rights, we cannot be forced to take items not ordered. (Determination). But where will they take them if we refuse? (Sympathy). Kawawa naman sila (Pity). These were our first feelings for these farmers.

There was another one, Shame. If we sent them away, where will they go? They’ll try to sell the lettuce in Balintawak but most likely, not knowing anyone there, they’ll simply head home and dump the lettuce somewhere. Perhaps they’ll not wait to get out of Metro Manila, they’ll do it at the first vacant lot they’ll find. The very thing we said we are preventing, we become responsible for. (Shame).

Bahala na si Batman, we decided to take it. (Happiness).

STRAWBERG BOGO. Get 1 Kg of STRAWBERRIES (No Sort, All Sorts), get 4 kilos of Iceberg Lettuce free. We can spare 170 kilos of Strawberries.

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