SAYATE TOPS. Things have gotten so bad for our farmers that in Tublay, Benguet, persons unknown would sneak into the darkened mountainside farms to steal SAYOTE fruit and broccoli. Unbelievable as it would seem, we heard this directly from one farmer. She says people have nothing to sell, such is the effect of #TyphoonEgay. We asked how RuRi can help and she said “Bilhin niyo lang po”, that’s all she said. So on that premise we launched the Sayote Group Buy.

However there is one thing we can do. We can actually buy the SAYOTE TOPS. Sarap nito! With sardines or a little shrimp or pork, I’ll eat this meal anytime, happily, heartily. I sure too can think of fancier preparations and they will be divine. So yes, fresh SAYOTE TOPS wrapped in banana leaves.

SAYOTE TOPS GROUP BUY. We are coming to you to ask for support for SAYOTE TOPS too. If you give P220, your share from the truck shall be 2 bundles (1 kg per bundle). Steal!

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