CHICKENS AND EGGS FOR LIFE, FOR YOU. We have several pairs of SASSO CHICKENS available to any member that wants them. These are excess birds from our “Chickens for Life” program for the Cagayan farmers. Exactly 120 days old, this is a hen that’s ready to lay her first eggs. And don’t be fooled with the rooster beside her looking a little hen-pecked, he is just camera-shy but he is ready to do his duty. Imagine having a brown egg factory in your own backyard, for life—or if you follow simple instructions, fried chicken in perpetuity.
Read up on Sasso Chickens: Sasso chickens are native chickens of France but they look so much like our own native chickens. In contrast however to our native chickens and commercially bred chickens, Sasso chickens grow faster and have more delicious and tender meat. Sasso chickens are free-range, are easy to raise because of their strong-resistance to disease. They graze around the field or just as happy in a small backyard, and eat grass, corn, leaves and other natural material. They’ll pretty much eat anything and survive without you. This assures you of “clean” chicken meat with less cholesterol and fat. Sasso chickens can be raised as broiler and are good layers too. Sasso hens lay naturally brown, tasty, nutritious and with less cholesterol eggs.
We are looking for a few members to try their hand at chicken raising—for eggs and for meat. We’ve already done the work of surviving them from chicks and bringing them to this optimum size and state of readiness. Who would love to have a pair? The chickens will travel to their new home, yours, in a nice box. Price is P2,500. Limited pairs available, so it’s first come, first served.

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