VITAL SASSO. This is an offer to all our members to raise chickens at home. Why? Because it’s fun, it’s easy and it’s practical for the times. Rural Rising has access to a limited number of what is called the Sasso Chicken. It’s a variety of chicken , imported from France, that is good for both meat and eggs. Here are the actual chickens, the exact same ones we displayed during our inauguration, now all grown up and ready to lay eggs just 55 days later. They’re the most beautiful chickens we’ve ever seen, they actually look appetizing enough even with feathers on. These chickens can be let loose (free ranged) and they’ll thrive on their own, eating grass around your property, growing big, some as big as 6 kilos. The meat is especially delicious chicken meat, that’s a lot of meat. If you want them to start laying eggs, give them egg layer feeds. These are the same chickens we are giving our Cagayan farmers to help them have a second income stream. We’re optmimistic that these chickens would be life-changing for some of them. These chickens you can raise yourself wether you have experience or not, or similarly give to people you would like to help. Would you like to try?
It’s P2999 for 10 Sasso Chicks, includes a water bottle, a travelling box, and vitamin packs. (We have only 50 packages).
We are looking for 50 Rural Rising members to buy a Sasso Chicken package and pay only P2999. Or if you don’t want to wait for them to grow, pay the same amount for a pair of fully grown Sasso Chickens ready to lay eggs.

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