SALTED COFFEE EGG. What do you do if you have Comising Legacy Coffee in abundance and 6,000 eggs from free-range ducks? Make Salted Coffee Egg, that’s what. As crazy as the idea sounds, we had our farmers use coffee to color the egg shells. The process is exactly the same as making the Salted Turmeric Egg that you have come to love, except that we finished it off with Comising Legacy Coffee from Kabayan, Benguet. Archimedes shouted “Eureka”. We shout “Yari na!”.

COFFEE AND TURMERIC RURI EGGS (15 pieces Turmeric, 15 pieces coffee) — P749 for 30 pieces

Helps the farmers of Sta. Rita, Pampanga

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RURI EGGS SNAP BUY. We are seeking support for 6,000 pieces of free-range (pagala) duck eggs made into salted eggs and colored with coffee and turmeric. If you give P749, you shall get 30 pieces.

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