SAGADA COFFEE RESCUE BUY. Ordinarily we sell the coffee we get from Sagada, Mt. Province in no-label packs. This stuff is so valuable that when you put your own label and state the origin, it could make you a profit. Even save your son’s leg. “Give a Leg Up”this is what the label says and we are taking this coffee however strange label that reads.Let us explain. This big batch of coffee, around 200 kilos, was supposed to be sent to a buyer in New Zealand as part of a fund raising for a farmer’s son’s treatment for a giant cell tumor on his right leg (distal femur). The Sagada-based family gathered its resources to buy the coffee from other farmers, have it ground and packed and them a label applied, all that effort only to find out that it is impossible to export any sort of produce into New Zealand without FDA-approval and a commercial barcode. Instead of helping in their need, this coffee has become an added worry and financial burden to the family. If we asked them to remove the label before agreeing to buy, it would mean that the family would need to replace the bag, it would mean additional expense. We won’t do that. What we shall do is take it and tell you the story, and we hope you take the coffee.

This is “Life in a Cup. Give a leg up. Ground Cordillera-grown Arabica, Manually Roasted for the perfect aroma.” This stuff is as real as this family’s need. Will you enjoy some, and help some?

RESCUE BUY: SAGADA COFFEE. We are looking for kind-hearted Rural Rising members who will help a Sagada family in need by buying 250 grams of authentic Sagada Arabica Coffee, either Roasted Ground or Whole beans, and pay only P450. They have 100 packs Roasted Ground and 45 packs Roasted Whole Beans. 

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