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RURI RORO SALE. Two days ago, we read about Pasuqiun, Ilocos Sur farmers giving their salt away because of “low sales and competition”. I believe that a couple of members clued us in on the problem as well by tagging us, thank you. This really gives us impetus to help asinderos (salt makers) but before Pasuquin, we would like to keep our promise to make an effort for San Jose, Mindoro. We’d like to try to give them a market for their coarse, traditionally-made ROCK SALT. These are the pictures they sent us. In contrast top Pasuquin where they boil the water using rice hulls as fuel, San Jose asinderos extract the salt crystals by evaporating the sea water on clay beds. After the sun has done its work, the resultant salt is gathered. We’ve tried it and it has a cleaner taste than the salt we get from a Damortis factory, a factory that employs a similar process to Pasuquin’s . We’re currently using this salt to make the RuRi Eggs, but we’re sure excited to try it for the next batch of RuRi Eggs. Hopefully you will like this salt and we can commit a bigger order to San Jose. Right now we loaded the salt on the back of a pickup and crossed it over via RORO (Roll On, Roll Off). We are hope that next time, it will be at the back of a truck.

RURI RORO SALT. We are seeking your kind support for organic, tradinally-made, clean-tasting ROCK SALT from Mindoro. If you give P120, we shall be happy to give you 3 kilos. Thank you for your kindness.

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