SAVING DOMING MABALIN AMIN. Yes, that is the farmer’s name. If you grew up in Ilocandia, his name will be very familiar to you. It is the exact same title for a very popular Ilokano radio comedy about a man named Doming who can do anything (the “mabalin amin” part). Before you continue reading and to refresh your childhood memory, listen to the soundtrack. We’re currently doing everything we can to help distant Banaue town in Ifugao province with the heavy burden of saving their tomato harvest, specifically saving this farmer named Doming Mabalin Amin. Mabalin? (Possible?)

This is our fourth Rescue truck now hauling the tomato harvest from as many barangays there. If you supported any one of those trucks by buying the tomatoes, you have helped so much. Would you continue helping and go back with us to Banaue again?

We are looking for a few good men and women members who would go back with us to Banaue to save Doming Mabalin Amin. If you support this Rescue Buy with P498, we shall give you 20 kg of his best tomatoes. If you are a Founder Member, please take 25 kilos for always helping.

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