BALER PAPAYAS. The town of Baler in Aurora is the birthplace of surfing the the Philippines, with waves that can reach 9 feet tall when the conditions are most favorable. It’s the strong winds blowing in from the Pacific Ocean that make the waves this big and it’s also why you would not expect anything to grow well in this place. Imagine our surprise when the driver of our roving truck found himself in a barangay there that has a profusion of fruit-laden papaya trees. Actually not too surprised because we were once given a gift of Baler Atchara and it was the best we’ve had. We asked our man how the papayas taste like. Of course he said “Matamis po, mas matamis sa Quezon,” referring to those amazing papayas we have rescued from Quezon province recently. We believe him but due diligence being important, we asked him to take only five sackfuls of the papaya, some 200 kilos. If we like it, if it is as advertised, we shall send the truck back and fill it. In the mean time, we’d like to SNAP BUY this limited kilos of Baler Papayas. Tell us what you think. We are sure you will enjoy them.

SNAP BUY BALER PAPAYAS. We are looking for just twenty Rural Rising members to buy 10 kilos of Baler Papayas and pay only P500. If you are a Founder Member, we are happy for you to get 11 kilos.

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