RAMBUTAN OUT OF TEN. OA, I know. Yesterday, na-buset ako sa taste ng grapes sa bibig ko. Siguro hindi nahugasan mabuti. Mapait. Puno ng chemicals. We had to drive to Brgy. Sawmill, 10 minutes away, to get some RAMBUTAN. Super fresh. Andie cannot wait to get home, she put the whole bag, 3 kilos in there, on her lap and ate away. A very quiet drive. Just the sound of munching. Tuklapin pa so she has cracks the crispy skin with her teeth and peels it right off the seed. Sarap. I had to take a video of her—I know, I know, I was driving. Sorry.
We booked 50 kg, possibly 100 kilos of Rambutan with Emily (the farmer). She will pick them on the morning of Wednesday and we shall put the Rambutan on the truck at lunch time. Does not get any fresher than that. Enjoy it as much as Andie.

SNAP BUY: RAMBUTAN. We are looking for a few Rural Rising members to seriously enjoy some Gabaldon Rambutan. P500 gets you 4 kilos. Only 10 members can avail. FM get 4.5kg.

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