Our first day here in Ilocos and already we hit jackpot. KONDOL or WINTERMELON, 20 to 30 pieces. What we would like to do is to put it in a raffle, with four winners. Proceeds to buy more vegetables from here, to give away to the fire-striken victims of Brgy. Tatalon. Again this is a raffle with four winners.

How we discovered Kundol last year:
There we were coddywompling along a main road iwhen I spied this heavily-laden tree. It’s Kundol of the Bahay Kubo song, otherwise known as the milk tea shop staple WINTERMELON. Andie was on her phone when I pulled and got off. She rolled down her window when she saw me tug on the lowest hanging, powder-coated fruit. A super exaggerated shrug and an arm spread said “What are you doing? You are stealing from someone.” I felt suddenly sheepish and got back in the car. This morning, a few days later, a member asked me if it was possible to get Kondol somewhere. Aha! I knew exactly where to get it.

KONDOL RAFFLE . If you participate in this effort to send cooked food, you get rhe chance to KONDOL. Here is what the Kondol looks like, about 25 pieces.

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Thank you so much. Let’s pray for Tatalon and the people there that need our help.

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