SWAP PUMPKINS FOR RICE. We have 2,400 kilos of rescue pumpkins, saved from rotting where they are stacked in a Nueva Ecija farm. Loading now. Give us two sacks of rice and we’ll give you 100 kilos of Pumpkins. Give the Pumpkins to Aspin rescue centers that badly need it, personal pick up or have us deliver it. Some of these shelters are too poor to buy food for tomorrow, imagine the sound of 300 animals crying for food. The rice you give us we shall in turn give to our poorest farmers, those were unable to sell their harvest, either dumped or abandoned in the field. Imagine the sad irony that the producer cannot feed himself. Andie and I come to you with soaring hope that you will still have space in your hearts for the dogs and these farmers in their time of need.

Bring your rice (50 kilos) to any of our dispatch hubs (Alabang, Mandaluyong and Quezon City) and we shall swap you 100 kilos of pumpkins.


Have us buy the rice and pickup the pumpkins to personally bring to a shelter you want to help. Do send us some pictures!
PUMPKINS FOR RICE — P1999 for 100 kg
Helps Talavera, Nueva Ecija farmers
Helps multiple Aspin Rescue Centers

Give what you can afford, a small cash donation starting at P20 to buy 1 pumpkin and half a kilo of rice. GCash here 09175017787

PUMPKINS FOR RICE FOR FARMERS. We are seeking your kind and urgent support for an effort that would give pumpkins to Aspin rescue centers and rice to distressed farmers. If you give P1,999 you can get 100 kilos of pumpkins to personally give to an Aspin rrescue center. In parallel to your donation, we shall give 2 sacks of rice to a distressed farmer.

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