A FRUIT THAT ONLY ITS MOTHER CAN LOVE. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder and all that, it is hard to see how they rough exterior could high such a sweet interior. This is the ABULUG POMELO, a new RuRi discovery from the town of Abulug, in Cagayan. It’s impossible to mistake this for the very popular Davao Pomelo but you see, the difference is just the marketing success of one and the obscurity of another. That is about to change. Remember the Bintong Kamote? It’s a name we invented to refer to Japanese-like Kamote from an equally obscure town in Quirino province. It have become RuRi’s darling, we cannot get enough Bintongs. We are hoping to bring the Abulug Pomelo into focus and bring about the same life-changing change for their farmers.

SWEET, ACID-LESS AND JUICY. Are you describing the Davao Pomelo. No, we’re not. We are describignthe Abulog Pomelo. Be the first to try, be the member that helps Abulug.

ABULUG POMELO SNAP BUY. We are seeking support for the Sweet Abulug Pomelo and a trip to fetch a test 500 kilos. For your kind contribution of P499, you shall get 3 kilos.

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