PINK RICE SALE. We have 22 lots of PINK RICE available. Each lot is 2 kilos. We’re happy for you to have them at a DISCOUNT. Before P550 for 2 kilos. Now pay only P450. Save P100

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INUMA SA LAHAT. No political talk here, only agricultural. Having said that, there is something about pink that gives you such rosy hope for the future—the undersoles of newborn babies, the tongues of kittens, the lips of a maiden, and rice. INUMA or rare, organic pink upland rice. Grown in the town of Sadanga, Mt. Province, population 8,000. The name of the town is as mysterious and exotic as its produce. They tried planting this rice in an irrigated paddy, it refuses to grow. Only in a hillside kaingin where brisk winds blow, only by a single family of indigenous rice farmers. Try eating this rice once, you’ll refuse to eat anything else. This is what it looks like. How beautiful, how fragrant, how relevant. How little we have, just 48 kilos.

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