PERSIMMON TO POST, ADMIN. Has it been a year since our PERSIMMON farmers traveled very long and very far to personally deliver them to us? From Sagada, Mountain Province to RuRi House in UP Village, they even got to hand them to some of our members.

This is Ate Mary, saying that the best time to eat Persimmons is when they are crunchy. She talks about how visiting Japanese missionaries taught them how to preserve the Persimmons they exact way they do in Japan. Lovely fruit from some very lovely people. We are happy to be helping our Sagada Persimmon farmers. Like last year, four families will benefit from this Buy. We shall give them the best price and they shall give us their best Persimmons.

PERSIMMON TO POST, ADMIN. We are happy to announce the availability of 200 kilos of PERSIMMONS. Members who missed the last Persimmon offer, we hope you see this in time.

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