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DO YOU :heart: PERSIMMONS? We have 40 kilograms of Persimmons just arrived. Open to ALL members.
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It’s so interesting, how Persimmons found their way to the Philippines and found their home in Sagada. In the early 1900s, the new Philippine Government embarked on its most ambitious civil engineering project, the construction of the 33 kilometer Kennon Road. Most of the 2,300 foreign workers recruited to build the road were Japanese. After the road was completed, some of these Japanese workers decided to make a new life in the Philippines. Perhaps to remind them of home, they brought Persimmon trees from their native Japan, which they quickly found out grew best in the cold climate of Sagada. We have some Persimmons coming tonight, from the trees of the affable Julia Doming of Sagada, Mt. Province.
Produce: Persimmons
Price: P600 for 4 kilos

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