WE ASK FOR OAS. For days now we have been receiving text messages and videos from the YELLOW CORN farmers of Oas, Albay. They have been trying everything to get us to go there—initially attracting and then persuading. Yesterday, pleading. And today, begging. We have been trying to ignore their messages until we can no longer. Until this morning, we have been hoping that they could find other buyers but with tomorrow being the harvest day, that is highly unlikely. Frankly the logistics are difficult and expensive for us, we learned that in the last two Rescues we did there. Another reason is that we are not sure if our group can take corn at this time. Are we over-saturated? Have we given the farmers false hope? Read the messages. By God, we should at least try. These farmers are the most desperate we have encountered. We MUST try.

We are hereby declaring a RESCUE BUY FOR OAS, ALBAY YELLOW CORN. Please will you help us? If you are still able to give P600, we promise to give you 10 kilos of freshly-harvested Yellow Corn. 11 kilos if you are a Founder Members. This we very humbly ask for Oas. Will you help our poor and desperate farmers there?

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