NAVEL SAY NEVER. There is this one fruit that reaches its sweetest potential if you wait a few days even a couple of weeks. It’s the NAVEL ORANGE from Kasibu, Nueva Vizcaya. It starts ripening the moment you pluck it from the tree. Inside that peelable skin, a slow beautiful fermentation happens and if you are patient, you get rewarded with a sweet orange like none other. This story is true: One member had had her Navels spill all over her car as she was fetching them from RuRi. She thought she was able to get them all together but one Navel Orange hid under the driver’s seat. For two whole months. When she finally discovered it, it was still good to eat. And more than good, she found it amazingly sweet. There is and there will never be an orange like this.

Today we have 70 kilos of these exact same Navel Oranges, sourced from the farmers of Malabing Valley in Kasibu. This is what they look like. The price is P999 for 4 kilos. Buy with confidence, enjoy to your full satisfaction. If these are not sweet, we shall refund immediately.

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