GUAVAYABADOO. It makes my provincial soul want to go “Yahoo!”to be able get NATIVE BAYABAS in bulk. When it rains, it pours wonderfully, that is so true. Back story, two days ago I almost thought it was worth it to send a rider to Laguna to get three precious kilos that the farmers gathered from the forest. Today, we are able to get hold of 500 kilos. Not too much at all, worried not at all that we said “Yes” to this before gauging the members’ interest to participate. Andie told me that she will gladly make them into jam, and that is all I needed to hear.

NATIVE GUAVAS — P220 for 2 kilos
Helps Sto. Tomas, Batangas farmers
Get it here __

NATIVE GUAVA SNAP BUY. We are seeking support for 400 kilos of Native Guavas. You give P220, we shall give you two (2) kilos. Get two lots please! Click here _

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