Ace Estrada
ALANG-ALANG SA BULANGLANG. One of the first dishes I requested of my Kapampangan mother-in-law, the moment we landed home in Baguio, was a dish called “Bulanglang”. It’s Bangus na Sinigang sa Bayabas. If you have a mother-in-law like this or of Google is your friend, take some of these. NATIVE BAYABAS from Mt. Manabu to make some of that. Surely it’s a dish you don’t often have on your table, something that will have your family saying “Why don’t we have this more often?” If you take some, you will be helping the Bayabas gatherers living around Mt. Manabu.

NATIVE GUAVA GROUP BUY. This is an effort to help the forest foragers living around Mt. Manabu. If you give P199, your share shall be two (2) kilos of Native Guava. That’s a lot of bulanglang of help.

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