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This has been a Week of Great Discovery. How wonderful that we found a village where wild raspberries grow thick. How wonderful to be able to give the farmers a second income, and our members the opportunity to enjoy something rare and wonderful. We waited to make sure but yes, we found a place where MULBERRIES grow thick. We won’t say where, not yet at least, but to give you a clue, it’s in the South. Another clue, it’s several hard hours of travel to RuRi House that we must make them into jam right there at the farm. 50% SUGAR MULBERRY JAM sound exactly what the world needs right now.

MULBERRY JAM SNAP BUY. Another RuRi Discovery, we are offering 50% SUGAR MULBERRY JAM for the very first time. We have 50 bottles. Get 2 bottles for P850. Only 25 members can avail. Be one of the first members to try and rave and tell us how wonderful. Support with no hesitation, enjoy without regrets.

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