MT. PULAG BROCCOLI. We are hoping for our group to help this young Igorot farmer named TI-UY BUDSOK. He has travelled his BROCCOLI all the way to Nueva Vizcaya from his farm in Mt. Pulag only to find the buying price so low that it barely covers the truck rentals and fuel. Despite a temporary spike in price influenced by our last Rescue Buy, the price for broccoli fell again because of intermittent and strong rain. You see, once you take a produce out of the ground, it must never be exposed to rain otherwise it starts going bad very quickly. The open trucks that the farmers are using to bring their brocolli down from the mountains are being battered by rain. Ti-uy’s truck somehow made the trip on a window where there was no rain and his harvest arrived as perfect as they were in his field this morning. And because he grows them in Mt. Pulag, the highest peak in the Philippines with the cold temperature that brocolli loves, the flowerettes are especially big.

This is Ti-Uy holding up an impressively solid head of broccoli from atop his truck. He will not come home with just gas money for all the months of work he grew these.

***Ti-uy’s broccoli will be at RuRi House tonight, dispatch tomorrow March 4, 2021. Pickup starts at 10AM onwards.

GROUP BUY: MT. PULAG BROCCOLI. We are looking for 50(EXTENDED FROM 30) members to buy 10 kg of assorted Mt. Pulag broccolis and pay only P600.

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