MONGO NG MATEO. A few months ago, someone asked to buy the cheapest mongo we could get our hands on. “Pang-donate lang naman,” that’s what he said. We were taken a bit aback with this statement but said nothing. At that time anyway, we did not have mongo.

Last week, we were able to source MONGO from the farmers of San Mateo, Isabela. These beans are FIRST CLASS quality and the superior size is obvious. These are bean, extra large—and the farmers who grew them, extra hardy. We saw how it takes infinite patience to fill a 25-kilo sack of mongo because beyond the tedious harvesting by hand, there’s the drying and taking them out of the pods one by one. A machine would have been preferable but the farmers do not have that. We have 100 kilos, this exact quality, the best mongo we have ever seen and tasted. Kuha na kayo, PANG DONATE LANG NAMAN.

We are looking for a few Rural Rising members to buy MONGO NG SAN MATEO. Pay P499, get 4 kilos. Founder members get 5 kilos.

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Weight 4-5 kg



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