or 3 payments of 333.33 with

TAKE THE SUNWELOC CHALLENGE. Ryann seems to be enjoying his new assignment of taking videos instead of pictures. His father was a radio journalist for most of his life and a part time boxing announcer now. You can imagine how big a voice Ryann has to fill, and he does so with gusto and well. He dares you daw, try the SUHA. They’re called “SUNWELOC”. A mystical name for pomelos from the misty Malabing Valley of Nueva Vizcaya. I won’t add my voice to his but I have to tell you that I am keeping for slow and personal enjoyment 7 pieces of the 37 pieces we have here. Executive privilege, that’s right.

SUNWELOC POMELO SNAP BUY. We are looking for Rural Rising Members to take Ryann up on his challenge to you on the Sunweloc pomelos. Pag hindi matamis, we’ll back him up and replace them no questions asked. We’ll bundle the Red Chandler pomelos we have here so it goes like this — 4 pieces SUNWELOC pomelo and 10 pieces Red Chandler pomelo, pay P1000.

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