MIX-MIX RICE. In the frantic days leading up to #Karding, every rice mill in Nueva Ecija was jammed with lines of farmers rushing to have their grain milled. There was no time to to do a leisurely harvest and dry the grain, parating na ang bagyo. The mill owner did not bother to clear out the mill chamber, ang daming nakapila. Nagkahalo-halo na nga ang black and brown and white sa patuyuan, naghalo na rin sa kiskisan. The resulting mixture, far from being ruined, turned out to be a special kind of rice. Here is what it looks like. Andie and I tried it. Masarap. Kakaiba. Wala ng katulad.

You know the story of how cornflakes was accidentally discovered by the brothers Kellog, that they left a batch of dough out to ferment and the resulting flakes became crispy and tasty, this is the same thing. Only this is rice. We’ve been eating this rice for days now and it is fast becoming our favorite. It might become yours too, as indispensable as morning cereal.

MIX-MIX RESCUE BUY. We are seeking for your kind support to help this farmer sell his mixed black and brown rice. If you give P999, we shall give you 10 kilos. Steal!

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