WE HAVE MACAPUNO AGAIN. We got them from the same farmers from Calaca, Batangas. We’ll price it cheaper so that everyone gets to enjoy this rare produce.

Back read the story:
We hope that we can get to Calaca, Batangas and back without mechanical breakdowns this time. It is not so much because there is so much Macapuno in that place. You actually have to go house-to-house to gather little-by-little what is available to put together 100 kilos. It is not so much that the farmers are unwilling to help themselves. They try but they are unable to get their trucks past the IATF checkpoints in Alfonso, Cavite and in Tagaytay City, thus unable to bring their coconuts to Manila. Our truck has proper papers, it can bring the money to the farmers and bring back the Macapuno to the group. 500 kilos likely, that would be enough to make more than a few members happy. To help the farmers there and to bring something much coveted this is worth doing.

We are looking for a few Rural Rising members to get 5 kilos of MACAPUNO and pay only P499. The Macapuno is already at RuRi House and ready for pickup. Founder Members get an extra piece of Macapuno. 

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