The name MACAPUNO comes from the fact that the shells are filled with soft translucent jelly-like flesh that is almost all sugar—PUNO. There is hardly enough space in a Macapuno for coconut water, it has been converted to sucrose and citric acid. Sweet! It is hard to tell a macapuno coconut from a regular coconut unless you open it or know what to look for based on experience. And eating it requires some reverence. We’ve seen someone crack open a Macapuno and scoop the translucent flesh with their fingers and bring to mouth. That’a right but it somewhat disrespects a fruit that has so much potential than to be eaten like a common coconut. When heat and sugar syrup is introduced to Macapuno, it becomes divine. Halo-halo topping, minatamis dessert, balled candy or ice cream, now you start to share our excitement.

MACAPUNO SNAP BUY. We are seeking support for 50 kilos of freshly-harvested Macapuno. Here are the actual pictures of the Macapuno, sent by our farmers. Only 50 kilos to share, arrives early next week, not everyone can have a taste of this. If you give P549, your share shall be 5 kilos.

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