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MERON PANG LEMON. The problem is still there. Lemons in Benguet are being left on the trees to grow to sizes unsaleable, to fall to the ground unwanted. We need to take more, kahit isang truck pa sana. Will you help some more (if you already have) or will you help this time (if you were undecided the last time), if we gave you a good price? P440 na lang for 10 kilos, this will be our final truck and then we have to move to other produce to help other farmers na.

GREEN LEMON RESCUE. We won’t ask the farmers to use “kalburo” on their lemons to make them look pretty. We know the truth now, we know how fake that yellow is, it is not ripeness but marketability. We won’t let them waste time waiting five days for the color to set in, to wash and wipe, we’ll take the lemons off the trees the way God has intended them. Green lemons are the best…and cheaper now with this final effort (for now) to give some help the lemon farmers.

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