FATHER’S DAY LOBSTERS. 98 kilos of lobsters arrived last night. 35 lots corresponding to 35 kilos of mixed jumbo and good have sold out last night. On to the OVERSIZED LOBSTERS, these are the lobsters weighing around 1 kilo each or more. What we would like to do is to sell them in lots of 2 kilos. So we’ll take an Oversized Lobster of 1kg++ in weight and pair it with a smaller one to make the 2 kilos. The price will be P3,999 for two kilos. That’s only the price of the baby lobsters we sold last week, but these, these are on the extreme opposite of the scale. These should go very fast.

Read the back story:
LOBSTER WARS. When the Dingalan group of Dumagats found out that Dilasag supplied us with lobsters, they took it as an affront. “Ay ser may lobsters naman tayo dito.” They brought lobsters to us, a little miffed at our “disloyalty”. These beautiful uglies, some of the most oversized lobsters we have ever seen in our lives. They grow that big in Dingalan, really? Not to be outdone, our friends in Dilasag were able to harvest some mixed sized lobsters, they look very good too. We took them all. We had to send a truck to Dilasag 400 kilometers away and a detour to Camp Mingan to get the lobsters there. The lobsters were alive this morning but of course we have to put them on ice for the journey. Here they are gracing our freezer at RuRI House. No losers here, everyone wins, including you. Well, the driver but he is asleep now, we’ll let him do a Rip Van Winkle for as long as he wants tomorrow.

This is a SNAP BUY FOR OVERSIZED LOBSTERS. These lobsters are classified as OVERSIZED with a mix of smaller lobsters to make 2 kilos. If the lobsters you got did not make it to Father’s Day, here are bigger and better ones. These Lobsters will go fast in the group! We are looking for 30 Ruries to grab some of these Dilasag/Dingalan Lobsters and make an amazing Father’s Day Meal, or perhaps you don’t have to wait that long? The price is basically the same as the last Lobsters we took from Dilasag, but we have to add P50 to recover the cost of fuel, if that is alright with you. Pay only P3,999 for 2 KILOS. A bargain!

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