Remember Marga, our Leche Flan scholar? She has managed to enroll in for her last semester and has even found a job teaching Senior High School. Today is her first day of work, wearing borrowed shoes. Haha. We wish her the best of luck and we thank you RuRi for your kindness and generosity in buying her Leche Flan.

Back read the story:

SUNTOK SA BUWAN. Immediately after Kabayan Noli de Castro’s report on Rural Rising was broadcast, we received a surge of requests for help from distressed farmers everywhere. One request stood out because it was not a farmer asking but a young mother from Bulacan named Marga. Marga is one semester shy of graduating and six months short of taking the Licensed Elementary Teacher (LET) exam. How she dreams to finish her course, how much she believes that it could change the life of her family for the better. Marga’s sole source of income is selling home-made LECHE FLAN. On her best day, she is able to sell 15 pieces and make P400. On most days, it’s 1 or 2 regularly, 5 pieces on a good day. To make the P10,000 she needs to enroll at the local college, she needs to sell 400 pieces. It might as well be 4 Million. Andie and I are not inclined to simply hand over the money and we made no promises to Marga except that we shall try to help her find buyers for that many.

RuRi, suntok sa buwan because it’s a departure from our mission to help only farmers, but you know that it’s impossible for us to make a distinction if you have the power to help someone who is willing to try. I hope that makes sense. For this earnest young mother, we said we will try.

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We have a question RuRi. Would you like to buy more of Marga’s Leche Flan? It’s P270 for 2 tubs. It was P250 last time. The P20 extra we shall use to buy yero for the typhoon-afflicted farmers of Brgy. Pinamalisan, Gabaldon and the fisherfolk of Barangay Paltik in Dingalan, Aurora.

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1 It’s P260 for 2 tubs

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3 Dispatch date TBA


RURI HOUSE—72 Maayusin Street, UP Village, Diliman, Quezon City

RURI SOUTH—Old Transport Terminal Bldg., Alabang Town Center, Theater Dr., Ayala Alabang, Muntinlupa


Join Rural Rising group: https://web.facebook.com/groups/RuRiPh/

Be a Founder Member: https://join.ruralrisingph.com/

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