QUAT THE HECK IS THIS? It’s amazing what fruits our highland farmers would offer if you let it be known that you will pay good money for “exotic” fruit. Guess what amazing fruit our Sagada farmers are offering us today? KUMQUATS! It’s the fabled Golden Orange or Golden tangerine, and that’s exactly what they look like, tiny oranges that you can put in your mouth whole to savor and swallow. The most surprising thing about them is that it’s the skin that’s sweet. Makes you want to say “Quat the heck”, right? Can you imagine the things you can do with a fruit like this with such a quality? Oh, all that delicious cooking, marmalades, pickles, meat garnish, candies and more. We are so excited for those members who can get these.

KUMQUAT SNAP BUY. We are looking for 3 Rural Rising members to buy 3 kilos of Kumquats. The price is P999. Grab it or miss it.

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