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ANGUISH OF RADISH. Aka the radish farmer came to our office in Baguio, begging for us to take the radishes in exchange for gas money. “Para makauwi na kami”. He has been in the La Trinidad Trading post since last night, waiting and hoping for buyers, no one would take his radishes because they are not perfect. 2 tons in his truck, his wife in there, his young son in there, he just wants gas money so he can take them home. We saw how sad his personal situation, we saw how bad the condition of his tires, we are just about ready to cry. His wife is just about ready to cry. How pitiful, how sorry the situation of this farmer, of farmers in general. He tells us that he was not the only radish farmer at the Trading Post. So we were able to buy all of his radishes on that occasion and when he came back to sell us radishes again, Andie and I decided to gift him with a set of new tires for his truck. So he and his family would be safe traveling from their far off town of Bakun. Aka has also become our ambassador of goodwill to the farmers of his village, conveying gifts of food, school supplies and vitamins when we have them.

RADISH GROUP BUY. We are happy to bring you freshly-harvested KOREAN RADISHES, and to share the story of Aka of Bakun, one farmer that we admire. If you give P299, we shall be happy to let you have 4 kilos.

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