WILD UBE SALE. During our outreach to the Dumagat tribes last weekend, we were offered these WILD UBE. NOT the farmed variety but these are the ones that grow wild and free like the gentle people that foraged them. I have had a chance to compare and these taste and eat better.

“Gather enough and we shall buy them” that’s what we promised. And gather they did. It must have taken a tribe of men, women and children to get this much—800 kilos of white ube—because that’s what they have heaped in a shed halfway up the mountain, ready to be brought to the roadside when our truck arrives. We will do that this Sunday. You can send riders on Monday.

This wild ube will not be expensive. We’ll do a WILD UBE SALE so everyone gets to enjoy. 60 per kilo! Boil and mash with butter, it’s ube jam. Slice thin and fry, it’s ube chips. There’s ube cookies and my personal new favourite, ube empanadas. With this much ube for that price, why choose one recipe? Choose all and give everyone you love, everyone you remotely like, even people you remotely know a heavenly taste of your culinary skills.

WILD UBE SALE. It’s P600 for 10 kilos
of ube. We are looking for 70~80 members. (Founder members get 12 kilos and a pandan leaf bayong.) The Rural Rising community comes together again, this time for ube.


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Weight 10 kg


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