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HULING LAWIN PUMPKINS. Remember Johnny Panala, that beleaguered pumpkin farmer who sought our help a couple of months back? We were able to take a couple of truckloads of pumpkins from him, the rest of his pumpkins he was able to sell higher to buyers who followed us there. This is his wife Jemaima, and these pumpkins she is showing us are the last of it. There is nothing wrong with these pumpkins as you can see, she went to the extent of splitting one for us. Buyers are no longer coming to their place she says and she is worrying about this molehill of pumpkins? We’ll take them all to ease her worries. We’ve taken out mountains all Nueva Ecija and Pangasinan this month, thank God and Rural Rising members. Allow us to thank you all for helping us help Johnny and Jemaima, Cathy dela Pena and her group, Ferdinand Santos and his group, Ricky Gaitan and his group, Ruben Capistrano and his group, and most recently Ising Marcos and his group in Batitang, Zaragosa, Nueva Ecija.

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PANALANGIN NI JOHNNY PANALA. This video made us cry this morning. Those buyers who are oppression these farmers, they will have karma fall hard on them. Five pesos per kilo, this is the measly price they are offering the farmers, take it or leave it. This is Johnny Panila and his family, kalabasa farmers of Licab, Nueva Ecija. Everything about this video—his kneeling in the field, his pleading, his attempt to convince us how good his pumpkins are. A farmer in peril, a desperate father. When we saw the picture of his young family in the field with him, we felt truly sad. This video is his best shot. Ten tons, how can he begin to sell that at a fair price if no one helps him? God pity the poor farmers.

This effort is to help Jemaima Panala sell the last of the family pumpkins and to put a happy closure to the SECOND CRY OF PUGAD LAWIN series of Pumpkin Rescue Buys in Licab, Nueva Ecija. These are dubbed the HULING LAWIN PUMPKINS, and we are looking for the support of a few Rural Rising members to get 20 kilos for just P450. Founder members get an extra, extra large pumpkin.

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