NEW PRODUCT DISCOVERY ALERT: GUIMARAS CHICOS. So while waiting for the Guimaras mangoes, we’d like to introduce another fruit that grows extraordinarily well in the island’s magnesium- and magnesium bicarbonate-rich soil. It CHICO, the large ponderosa variety. It a fruits that a mango farmer was forced to cultivate in the face of the rising price of pesticide. Look at this: even if farmers have a market waiting for their world-class produce, the unregulated price of pesticides and other farmer inputs puts them in dire straits. This farmer is forced to shift from mangoes to the uncertainly of chico. The Chico has grown well and big, but he has miscalculated in his ability to find buyers. He has world-class Chicos to sell but he he know no one in the world to sell it to. This is why RuRi, we shall try to help.

We are hereby declaring a GUIMARAS CHICO RESCUE BUY. It is our first time to buy, but we are hopeful. The same island that nurtures world-class mangoes, we are sure that it has nurtured these Chicos too. What have we got to lose, RuRi? If you give P499, your share shall be 4 kilos of Guimaras Chicos.

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