AN INVITATION TO BECOME A FOUNDER MEMBER. How long have we, you and us, been doing this Rural Rising thing? Going on three years this April, that’s how long. Where did the time go? To grow the membership from zero to 35,000 and counting, and going on two million kilos and saving. With those numbers, have we made some impact somehow, some good? Andie and I believe we have, with all our hearts, and thank you for your help.

WE STILL NEED YOUR HELP. We also believe that if you joined RuRi as a Founder Member in 2023 or renewed your yearly subscription, we can not only continue to do good for our country, we can do more. Help the distressed farmers? That’s exactly what these Rescue Buys, Group Buys and Snap Buys do every time. Help depressed urban communities? That’s where the donation component of Crate Hope goes every week. As we turn the page for 2023, in light of the ever increasing price of vegetables, how about helping the consumers too? That would be YOU. Please help yourself too.

If you become a Founder Member, you’ll always get the best price on every produce, every piece of merchandise that RuRi has to offer. It’s P3,600 to be a Founder Member. That’s just P300 per month. Easily ROI that with just a few purchases. No more frustrations on missing Snap Buys, we’ll give you advance information before we launch them. Over the past year, you noticed that we funded Growth Buys for high-value crops (HVC)) in many provinces. It is your privilege to get these produce first and cheaply. It can be your opportunity to create an income through reselling. (Ask us about our Reseller program for Founder Members.)

On the road to 50,000 members, and with that exciting news for Founder Members. What is it? Join and you will find out. There’s the privilege to stay in Camp Mingan for work and for pleasure, exclusively for Founder Members. Or to own a rural property (farm) around Camp Mingan. There’s a bigger piece of news, we’re quite excites for you to be a part of it.

Please join us. Please help us.

Sincerely yours,
Ace and Andie Estrada




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