Ten lots containing the following vegetables and fruits:

Kalabasa (Squash): 38 kilos

Kamote (Sweet Potato): 20 kilos

Yakon: 10 kilos

Saging Saba (Banana): 9 kilos

Tomato: 8 kilos

Satsuma: 6 kilos

Lemon: 6 kilos

Back read the story:

HAY NAKU. A day after Dusit Thani, bus stations in Cubao and trucking companies in Divisoria are calling us to claim produce. Produce we did not order, produce that our farmers sent after they learned that there’s a BAYC happening, completely unsolicited. There’s also the Sayote that the farmer insisted to load on our truck: 900 kilos, our order was 200 kilos. Wag na daw bayaran kung hindi mabenta, anong klase un? The list is extensive – it’s Sayote, Saging Saba, Wombok, Zucchini, Upo, Sitaw and a few more kinds. Andie and I are supposed to rest today but we ended up worrying. Yes, we can donate but where eod we get the money to give to the farmers. Serves them right is not easier said than done. This is the dark side of BAYC, up to now we’ve been talking about the good sides. Gusto ko na sana matulog.

COMMUNITY PANTRY FILLERS. 10 sets. We are putting together an assortment of fresh vegetables and fruits that you can donate to Community Pantries or even resell for a tidy profit. The emphasis is on value not variety, which means a lot of basic vegetables for a very good price. That price is P4,999 and it gets you 100 kilos of vegetables. In that 135 kilos, you will get as follows: Kalabasa (Squash): 38 kilos,Kamote (Sweet Potato): 20 kilos,Yakon: 10 kilos, Saging Saba (Banana): 9 kilos, Tomato: 8 kilos, Satsuma: 6 kilos and Lemon: 6 kilos.

Again the price is just P4,999. It does not get any lower than that. It allows us to give something to the farmers already.

We shall be happy to donate this to a community pantry of your choice or ours, or to a dog shelter, or to hopeful residents of Brgy. Tatalon residents. Tomorrow we shall do our street BAYC too.

Thank you, RuRi. We shall sleep now and check tomorrow. Hopefully, you have once again solved the problem for us and for the farmers.

In closing, we are seeking your help for 10 lots of 100 kilos of assorted fresh vegetables, the price per lot is P4,999. We shall be very grateful for your help. Warmest regards. Thank you. God bless this great group.

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