CILANTRO TOMORROW. Tomorrow, we might be able to get a truck to load 1.3 tons of Romaine Lettuce. Yes, that’s how much lettuce we have saved, and this was a completely unscheduled lettuce rescue buy. Along with the lettuce, we are hoping to load some CILANTRO, locally known as Wansoy. The farmer is asking for our help, he say he has 100 to 130 kilos. To be honest, we are not sure if we can interest the general membership to help but we shall try. We hope you see this now or at least tomorrow, so we could return to the farmer with an order. If we can order 30 kilos, it is not quite enough but it will certainly help him. If we can give him a bigger order, how wonderful. Please help us help him? We are hoping to get P350 for 1 kilo.

TAMA BA ANG MATH? We took a look at how what Cilantro prices look like, we found P200 for 50 grams. Does this mean a kilo is P4,000?

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