CILANTRO SNAP BUY. Pedicris is a young farmer from Buguias, Benguet who first approached Rural Rising for help with his Cilantro harvest. He was growing his crop on a very small plot, barely 20 square meters. He was desperate to sell the Cilantro because he needed milk and diapers for his baby son. No one was buying and the middlemen were offering a price below his cost to grow his crop. Rural Rising bought his crop, and the next one after that for a good price. That took care of the milk and diapers. Rural Rising members contributed to endow Pedicris and his wife Kaye with a brand new food processor, something he could use to make bottled produce, and some cash capital to start. With this money he was able to make chiumichuri sauce and peanut butter to augment his income.

Pedicris is coming to us again for help with his new Cilantro harvest and we are happy to take it.

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CILANTRO GROUP BUY. We are seeking support for freshly-harvested Cilantro. Please help with P399 and get 2 kilos.

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