SEMI-ORGANIC, STARTING TO PANIC. We mentioned that there is a CELERY farmer pleading with us for help. Her name is Kaye Alcido from Buguias, Benguet. Yes, we’d like to help her too. How often to we get good CELERY? It’s a high-grade negative calorie vegetable which means it’s good for you. Dip celery stalks into a nice mayonnaise dip, drink a gallon of celery juice for your kidneys, have an excuse to drink a lot of margaritas—let us supply the excellent reasons you need to help her, but please let’s help her. Notice that part where she starts telling us about a fellow Celery farmer who failed to find a buyer that she just gave up. That part where she picks up a drying stalk beside her, you can hear the sudden panic in her voice. Her Parsley are not organic but she claims to use low-grade fertilizer. Andie and I will take that excuse to help her.

SNAP BUY CELERY. We are looking for 50 Rural Rising members who will help a Benguet farmer with her Celery. If you support this with P299, you get 4 kg freshly-harvested Celery. Save a lot from our regular price, and even more if you compare the price you get outside of Rural Rising.

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