CABBAGES FOR THE VILLAGES. We are calling on all our members here who are members of VILLAGE OR CONDO ASSOCIATIONS to help us help the Cabbage farmers of Cagayan and Ilocos Sur. Please consider organizing a Cabbage Buying effort in your spheres of influence so together we can do something about a huge and real problem. 120 tons of Cabbage ready for harvest in a week’s time, and there are no buyers, and this is just one farm. Andie and I are traveling to see the situation for ourselves but these videos already show us the magnitude of it—and how worth saving these Cabbages are. If you are able to get your village or condo contribute towards P12,500, we shall give you 500 kilos of green Cabbages, delivered free. We are hoping to get enough orders to fill a 20-ton truck. We did something like this last year, and we have to keep doing it until the farmers give up planting or until the system is fixed that our farmers do not have to suffer like this. CABBAGES FOR THE VILLAGES, that’s what we shall call this. Please will you support this?

CABBAGES FOR THE VILLAGES. We are praying for a strong effort to help the cabbage farmers of Sta. Ana, Cagayan. If you support this effort with P12,500, we shall send you 500 kilos of green Cabbages, free.

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