PART 2: SAVE THE CABBAGES, SAVE THE FARMERS. So our truck has made it to Sto. Nino, Cagayan. It’s crawling back to Manila now with 200 bags of cabbages. That’s 4 tons, we should be happy but sadly that’s not enough. Andie and I wished so much that we could load 20 tons. Allow us to share the update from the dispatcher. See how touched he is about the situation of these farmers. You can see from his report how desperate things have become for farmers in that place. This small truck was the only one that came for this harvest, the rest would rot in the fields soon. It’s imperative that we send a truck back there on Tuesday, March 30, 2021 to help the other farmers there. We need to work harder.

Read the Background story: Everything is all set for a truck to travel to Jerry Baltazar and the cabbage farmers of Sto. Nino, Cagayan tomorrow. It will load 2 tons, the total number of orders we have gathered from our members in this short, impromptu campaign. We thought Jerry would be happy to hear that but instead, it sounded the opposite, he sounded panicked actually. “Akala po talaga namin 8 tons ang kukunin nyo, sir.” Jerry was on speakerphone and I hear people talking in the background. He started speaking about how the middlemen there are forcing all farmers to agree to P5/kilo. “Sasabihin namin sa kanila sa P20 sana pero hindi naman nila kukunin. Sasabihin pa nila sa mga kasamahan nila na limang piso ang presyo dito. Bakit sila ganun?” I had no answer to that and said something lame about us going back. We probably won’t, we’ve probably reached the absorptive capacity of the group for cabbages this week. And if we came back next week, the cabbages would be gone—either forced to sell at P5 or left to rot because there is no other choice. Because of this situation, we shall take 4 tons. Please those members who are able to take 100 kilos, if you have recipients to give (guards, tanods, poor neighbors, feeding programs, charity organizations), you can have cabbage at P2,000 for 100 kilos. That is below our cost to buy and transport but it will be above what these distressed farmers will ever hope to have for this harvest. We’ve never directly asked you for help and only suggested for you to follow our lead. We’re going to use our first lifeline now to beg you to help the cabbage farmers of Sto. Nino Cagayan.

We are hereby declaring the CABBAGE RESCUE BUY # 2 open! Cabbages shall arrive Wednesday, March 31, dispatch shall be on Thursday, April 1, 2021.

We are looking for just 40 members to help us help the farmers of Sto. Nino, Cagayan. PLEASE TAKE 20 KILOS FOR P502. Thank you, we shall always be grateful.

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