BROKULIT. This is starting to become a habit, this BROCCOLI BAYC. Our third now if we do this, we are going through all off the “cuts” in the life of a Pinsao Proper, Baguio Broccoli. First cut, the flowers were small and not so plentiful (130 kilos). We used Mama’s sedan and it’s handy Thule roof box to haul it. Second cut, the flowers were bigger and there was more to haul so we used a special trip jeepney. This third cut, we would probably need a truck to go to Pinsao.

Would you like more fresh and brilliant Broccoli? It’s P599 for 10 kilos. Sorry it’s a little more expensive than last, we have to hire a truck Baguio to Manila, to bring them to RuRI House. If you noticed, we do not have neither Crate Hopes nor Community Pantry Fillers this week. This will be a special trip for these special Broccolis, we need to take them. You remember what we said about not saying “No” to farmers, this is an instance of that. We still believe it to be a very good deal because it’s helping the farmers, it’s giving you broccoli, and hopefully we again have sacks of broken stems to donate to the zoo.

Back read the Story: FIRST CUT IS THE BIGGEST. Bet that sparked the song in your mind. Anyway, we have an indefinite but limited number of first cut BROCCOLI. Sourced from Pinsao, Baguio City. We’ve already filled our orders for Crate Hopes and the Pantry Filler Vegetables but we’ve made it a policy to say “Yes” when a farmer asks for help. We asked how much, and we agreed to the price +5 pesos. We asked how many, they don’t know yet. Because Night Rider (our wing van truck) has to leave tonight, we’re taking a moon shot (ito ba yung English ng “suntok sa buwan”?) and taking it all. Grab some of these broccoli to help this farmer? Please? You won’t regret it, we promise. “Untrimmed” means may leaves pa, just to be clear, but a big part of the leaves are edible. Toss in oyster sauce, it’s a good meal na. The rest you can send to the leaf eaters at the Malabon Zoo.

BAYC BROCCOLI. We are looking for a few Rural Rising Members to get a box of untrimmed Broccoli—10 kilos, give or take—to help the farmers of Pinsao Proper, Baguio City, pay only P599.

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