P149 for 3 kilos. Steal! Seems like Bokchoy Stir-fry is the best way to cook this. Alam na ang ulam ng RuRi tonight. Available NOW.

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HANGGANG WALA NANG CHINGKANG. Good morning, RuRi. We are coming to you with the heavy burden of a CHINGKANG (or Taiwan Pechay) farmer. We are not asking for much except for her to be able to get her capital back on 800 kilos of that produce. She is simply unable to find buyers for it and the produce is in very real danger of being thrown away, again. This will be the third time if we don’t help her. She threw away her harvest last time and she trew away the harvest before that. Hanggang dito na lang ang farmer na ito, this is the end. How sad the reality of our farmers, and every time one comes to us with a problem like this, we are just grateful that we have some power to do something about it. Chingkang po and the opportunity to help, please will you buy some? Bilhin natin lahat hangggang wala na siyang problema.

We are hereby declaring and praying for the success of a CHINGKANG RESCUE BUY. If you contribute P149, we shall give you 3 kilos. Sobrang mura na po yun. It’s P268 per kilo elsewhere. This is 3 kilos for P149. Please help us help her. God bless you, RuRi.

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