BIOKO NAMAN. We finally found BIOKO OR DWARF MANGOES! A most elusive produce, this. From distant Diadi, Isabela. If you remember the were the prize for the last Rural Rising raffle draw, everyone wanted them. We are very happy to offer these to you. 

More about them:  

These mangoes, though, aren’t bubut, despite their size being comparable to bubwit. They are mature enough to be planted and bear fruit, even though they are dwarfed by the common Philippine carabao mango.I am told these are called supsupin (that which is sucked) in Cavite, or supsup (suck/to suck) in other Tagalog-speaking areas. This is because with mangoes in this magnitude, you have no choice but to peel back the skin and suck on the pulp until you get to the seed, much as how we eat mangoes in Pangasinan. Nonetheless, whatever the supsup mango variety’s deficiency in mass it makes up for in intensity of sweetness. Just like other fruits, when the motto is the smaller, the tastier, the supsup’s flavor is concentrated it’s almost like eating pure honey. In Pangasinan this variety is called bioko, or bioco. Bioko is not as commonly sold around the province as the other varieties, though. I’ve noticed the same in Metro Manila and other provinces. In Pangasinan there are many bioko buying stations, which then sell the fruits to exporters. There is a bigger chance of developing rashes around the mouth from the toxic mango sap when eating bioko, primarily because it is sucked on. Nevertheless, itches and burns are minor things to suffer considering the force of flavor. And that’s not a bubut thing.

~ Bucaio

SNAP BUY: BIOKO. We are looking for a few Rural Rising Members to buy 5 kilos of Bioko, pay only P800. Founder Members get 6 kilos. SATISFACTION GUARANTEED.

What you need to do:

1 Pay P800

2 Get Order Num here 

3 No need to post Order Number but shout “GOT IT!”

Important Notes:

1 Dispatch date Friday June 25, 2021

2 Available at RuRi House 

3 Give Order Number when claiming produce

4 RuRi House address: 72 Maayusin Street, UP Village, Diliman, Quezon City 

5 Be a Founder Member so we can always give you extra vegetables and happiness

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