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BIOKO BOMBS. We stumbled upon dwarf mangoes (Bioko) in Isabela. These are quite hard to find and we found them only because we have an ongoing Mango Rescue Buy™. Last year, we offered Bioko as a raffle prize. It is our pleasure to offer these you, these little bombs of sweetness. This is as big as they will grow. I think they are called supsupin (to suck) and what it fails to have in size it more than makes up in sweetness.

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What is a Bioko Mango? Depending on which province you are from, the Pico mango is also known as supsupin, pajo, pahutan, bioko, or chupadera. This tiny but still very sweet mango can be as long as your palm to as short as a pinkie finger. What’s so unique about this tiny mango is also what makes it fun to eat. Supsupin means “to suck” and that’s exactly what you can do with this tiny mango. To eat it as is, just peel off the skin like you would a banana to reveal the ripe mango flesh. Then just eat it like a lollipop! 

— Yummy.Ph

BIOKO SNAP BUY. We are looking for a few Rural Rising Members to buy 4 kilos of Bioko, pay only P229. Satisfaction guaranteed. Click here

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