SMALL BUT JUICIER. Last month we had a harvest of BABY CARROTS. But we did not sell them. Instead we had them turned into Carrot Bread so we can distribute them to the fire victims in Cardiz Street in Brgy. Tatalon, QC. It cost P17,000 for the flour, sugar and labor but it was necessary because the recipients had no way of cooking raw carrots. Available again, we are happy for our members to have them this time. Best for munching, best for juicing!

BABY CARROTS — P220 for 4 kilos
Helping the farmers of Kabayan, Benguet

*Again, these are BABY CARROTS so they are quite small in size. If you are looking for big carrots, this offer may not be for you.

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A TENT IS NOT A SHELTER. I noticed how portable tent like these does a very poor job of keeping out the sun. It merely filters out direct sunlight but the heat gets through and it burns the skin. It is simply impossible to be stay under this for hours on end and not be dehydrated. In Barangay Tatalon, the fire victims from Cardiz Street live in such tents. The elderly, the children and the sickly among them. They may have survived the fire but living in tents like this 24/7, they have not escaped the heat. It is no way to live. We cannot do anything about the housing situation but we certainly can improve their food situation. The vegetables we are sending to our countrymen there spare them from salty sardines and noodles that are the standard “ayuda”. Our vegetables nourish them. Can we ask for your help? TAC Breads and Pastries shall convert the carrots into something that can be consumed right away. This is the same bakeshop that converted the rescue strawberries into pastries and gave them away to street children last year. Its owner Tei Cuesta like many many members in this group really has the kindest heart.

BABY CARROT SNAP BUY. We are happy to offer our dear members baby carrots. If you give P220, your share shall be 4 kilos.

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