KAYAMANAN NG PANTABANGAN. In a fishing trip to Pantabangan Dam, we turned into a dead-end road. The lot we manuevered to U-turn had several ANONAS trees. The trees themselves are unremarkable, with leaves resembling that of the atis. It was the large and unique-looking fruit hanging from the thin branches that made us do a double take. ANONAS. A fruit that’s like guyabano and atis in one, can you believe something like that? It’s like discovering gold. Major streets Metro Manila are named after this fruit. I’ve seen them only once, at a highend grocery with imported exotic produce, wrapped inside plastic cling, priced out of affordability. And now there they are, we need only to find out who owns them, we need only to make an offer to buy them. That wrong turn was about a month ago, we are happy to tell you that the owner was willing to sell, are we willing to wait? Today, the fruit matured and we harvested. If you are lucky enough to get this, this will be your first taste of gold.

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