THE GREAT ADLAI SALE. Every six months the farmers we are helping in Batangas bring in a harvest of Adlai. Two times now we’ve taken it all and sold it 50/50–half to members of our group and half to private buyers for a price much lower than anywhere. We’re going to do it again next week. Why? Because we’re very happy doing Adlai. We’ve said that Adlai is a produce that could eradicate poverty in the countryside. This is how Adlai does it—the rice farmers we have convinced to plant it on their land, they earn three times with Adlai than they do with rice. A flab-eradicating food? That too. Those members who have taken to Adlai, they swear by its taste and health benefits.

We are looking for Rural Rising members who will support this, 4 kilos of Adlai for P999.

Go somewhere else not Rural Rising, it’s P799 for 1 kilo. This thing will grow wings and fly!

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