This is an effort to help the distressed CUCUMBER farmers of Nueva Vizcaya. Five towns, 30 tons of Cucumbers piled up right now at the Nueva Vizcaya Agricultural Terminal with more coming. It’s a sad, not happy game of musical chairs. As more players come in, everyone has to stand up and move. As new cucumbers come in, the cucumbers that first came in—sold or unsold—they have to make space and go. Bags of cucumbers will be abandoned by the roadsides or thrown where ever, it is their fate for being cucumbers in a time of over production.

LET’S MAKE STRAWBERRY CUCUMBER SALAD. We are happy to let you have a kilo of small-sized STRAWBERRIES and 5 kilos of CUCUMBERS for just P499. Make a lovely Strawberry Cucumber Salad and help the farmers that badly need help in Nueva Vizcaya.
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We have a critical situation on our hands and time is of the essence. The farmers in Nueva Vizcaya have sent us one ton of unsolicited cucumbers, and the truck carrying them has already left for Manila. This is a clear indication of just how desperate these farmers are, and we need to act fast to help them. The remaining cucumbers in Nueva Vizcaya are in dire straits, as you can see from the pictures. They won’t last another day, and we need to act now. We can’t afford to waste time pointing fingers and blaming the farmers for planting too many cucumbers. Instead, we need to come together and figure out how we can help. The cucumbers are pouring in from all over Nueva Vizcaya, and we need to act fast. We’re calling on all of our members to dust off their cucumber recipes and start thinking about who they can give some rescue cucumbers to. We need to take action now, or the farmers will be left with a mountain of unsold cucumbers that they won’t be able to sell. We’re counting on your support to make this rescue effort a success.

URGENT PIPINO SNAP BUY. We are empathizing with the pain of our Nueva Vizcaya Pipino farmers and are praying for our group to have the power to help. Will you support this?

Important Information:
1 It’s P499
2 Order link
3 Dispatch date today, march 23, 2023
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Pickup Points:
RuRi House—72 Maayusin Street, UP Village, Diliman, Quezon City. Google

RuRi South—Old Transport Terminal Bldg., Alabang Town Center, Theater Dr., Ayala Alabang, Muntinlupa. Google

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