Seryales [ser-ya-les]. Seryales is native cherry that is plum in color when ripe. Its edible pulp is like a mixture of grape and aratilis. Locals suggest that you need to roll seryales between your palms first before consuming it to enhance its flavor.

We got the idea of offering SERYALES from the recent informal poll we did where we asked you what fruit you wanted us to get next. A lot of you said “Seryales”. As it happens, the farmers of Sariaya, Quezon are asking if we can buy their SERYALES. “Marami po sana. Kinakain lang po diot ng mga ibon at paniki,” they said. We’d like to take a lot of Seryales from that place and give them to the group in the form of a Buy One, Get One (BOGO) offer. Remember to roll them before you eat them for best experience.

BOGO: SERYALES. We are looking for a few Rural Rising members to participate in a Seryales BOGO. Pay P550, GET 4 KILOS OF SERYALES. This is a great deal!

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